Hidecoin Core I 0.4.13 and its network protocol are no longer supported!

Hidecoin cryptocurrency which is completely written in NodeJS

Hidecoin wallet is cross-platform Current versions: Core I 0.4.14, Core II 0.0.9

Thanks to NodeJS, Hidecoin wallet is cross-platform application.
Also you can use online wallet.

XHD = Hidecoin
1 XHD = 108 = 100 000 000 micoins
Algorithm: double SHA-256
Type: PoW
Solo mining in wallet: available
Mining in pool: available
Fees: minimal fee is 0.0001 XHD
Initial coins per block: 10 XHD
Block target: 1 minute
Block reward reduction (-25%): 259200 (180 days)
Max. coins: 10 367 999 XHD
Last coin: 17.05.2051 17:39
Hidecoin Pool

Thanks to our investors!

Addresses for donations:
BTC 1Mi3fhQug3PGfJYv7SNPs6CrQsczJzCMH8
DOGE A2V6dxVBhW797fEubRrSp9paMBF2br7dXd
LTC 3GzdaDnusXDGmsjemeRXgujLLSFmGNQAv1

NodeJS installation

You can download last version of NodeJS from this page - Download | Node.js. You can also use package manager - Installing Node.js via package manager.

Hidecoin wallet (Core I) download

You can clone it from GitHub: Hidecoin - Cryptocurrency written in NodeJS.
Read forum for more info: Using hidecoin.

Getting started

Install NodeJS and Hidecoin Core. Then follow these steps.
  • Run Hidecoin Core on your computer from folder with core.js: node core
  • Open your browser and go to localhost:7439
  • Create a password and press Open or create wallet
  • You will see an address in wallet. It is like HE73LVGZDchzU78aqNEChjDNVEoqejqYVZ

If you want to mine hidecoin

  • Open config.js in your text editor and paste this address instead of --YOUR-HIDECOIN-ADDRESS--
  • Then replace minerMode: false, to minerMode: true,
  • Now return to Hidecoin Core and press F10
  • Run Hidecoin Core: node core
  • Run Miner: node miner
Updating to version 0.3.3 and higher
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